What is Science Says?

The biggest problems the world is facing in healthcare, education, climate change and many other issues will not be solved without the help of science. This is why we created Science Says, science communication platform providing analytics of the latest research in plain English, and building a community of verified experts. We are starting with food science and gradually adding health before expanding to all subjects, including humanities.

Join our mission to unleash science to create a better world to live in!

Our core values

Be someone to admire

Ethics - Fairness - Integrity - Respect

Unleash your genius​​

Creativity - Discovery - Learned Spirit

Be exceptional​

Attitude is everything - Be a positive force - Do your best​

Altruism is our ethos​

Help others before yourself - Break down silos - Inclusivity is key​

Love what you do​

Have fun - Be happy - Live your passion​