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Checklist before you publish your Science Says page

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Are you ready to launch your Science Says page? Use this checklist to make sure that you’re ready to welcome your supporters!

✅ Banner

Do you have an eye-catching banner attracting your audience? You need to make a great first impression!

Try to spend a little time finding a photo that will capture people’s attention and want them to open your page. Nowadays, the audience is very visual, and images speak louder than words.

Try to use vibrant colours and captivating images. Places you can find royalty-free are Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels, Canva, USDA 2 and the Smithsonian 1

✅ Introduction

Have you introduced yourself to your audience? They are subscribing to you to support you and what you represent. The best way is to create a short video with an introduction. It does not need to be super sophisticated. Even a short video from your phone will create that special connection and build trust with your audience.

Do not forget to add a short bio that is not a CV and not a dry introduction to other academics but to the general public who feels emotional about the content you create for them explaining science.

The best is to speak in the first person and think about introducing yourself to a friend. Be friendly but still professional. Do not overwhelm people with titles of your research publications but explain it in a fun way.

For example, “I spent 6 years researching ice cream”, or “My favourite experiment was eating doughnuts for 5 weeks”, or “I am passionate about stem cells because the research can save many people’s lives”. Try to resonate with your audience and show empathy.

✅ Your photo

Your profile photo should encourage the audience to start a journey with you and learn science. Professional but also friendly smiles always work wonders to bring people closer to us. 

✅ Payment details

Make sure you completed all your payment details to give your subscribers access to your content right away.

✅ Forum

Have you tried your private Forum? Familiarise yourself with the platform to have a dialogue with your subscribers. Post the first topic encouraging people to start sending questions.

✅ Live stream

Have you set up a live stream link for your subscribers? Plan your monthly sessions, and do not forget to announce them on your feed!

✅ Great content

Do you have enough content to publish on your page? You can get started with only a few Science Bites or videos but do not forget to add the content consistently.

✅ Do the grandma test

Read a couple of your Science Bites to your grandma (or anyone from your friends and family who is a non-expert in your field), and if they understand what you are talking about, it means you are good to go!

✅ Final checks

Check how your page looks by viewing the non-member’s version. Remember that once you publish your page, you can always make changes.

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