How to get more supporters

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Have you been wondering how to get more supporters on your Science Says space? Here are some tips and tricks that will help you grow your fanbase.

Turn your most passionate fans into your supporters

It’s essential that you build a community around you. Of course, people want to support your work and incredible knowledge, but your personality and commitment are crucial. Show them that you’re someone they can trust. Someone who has integrity and credibility.

How to do it?

  • Be active on social media platforms and connect with people passionate about your niche.
  • Engage with people who are following and commenting on your work.
  • Ask your family and friends to help you promote your space with their network.

Educate your followers on why it’s important they become your supporters

Academia is broken. Fake news and pseudoscience have a dangerous effect. Explain to your followers that membership gives you a sustainable income and supports your science. It allows you to create more and better educational content to provide them with evidence-based information.

Encourage people to join your space by offering exclusive content

If they are interested in a specific topic, advise them to find it on your Science Says page. Promote your forum and live streams on all of your social media channels, but make it clear it’s exclusive and available only for your supporters.

Remember that marketing is crucial to growing your space, and you’re its best advertiser.

About 40% of traffic comes from social media. Other levers include your website, fan forums and communities, email lists and newsletters, live events (conferences), creator collaborations or shoutouts, and paid advertisements (such as sponsored posts on Facebook or Instagram).

Talk about your Science Says space frequently and authentically, but don’t ask your followers directly to subscribe to your space. Keep teasing them with upcoming exclusive content, new groundbreaking insights, live streams and Q&As.

Make sure when you talk to your people, you’re not being passive. Instead, use phrases like “join me”, “if you loved this, check out more at…” and “exclusively at” to be direct in your message.

We’re here for you!

Here at Science Says, we are committed to helping you grow your fanbase. We are here to help you promote your space. You can always message us for any marketing tips & tricks, and we are happy to include you in our future social media campaigns.

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