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How to use Science Says: tips for creators

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If you want to get paid for sharing evidence-based facts coming from scientific research, you are in the right place! Do not think twice! Join us to share evidence-based information and stop fake science news! 

Sign up

It takes only 7 minutes to sign-up, and it is free. You never pay anything, and the aim of Science Says is to get paid as soon as you create content and acquire people and companies to support you. 

Currently, we are supporting creators from these countries, but we will be working hard to make sure creators from anywhere in the world will be able to join soon. 

Create content

Once you sign up, you will immediately see your page: a place where you will be sharing science insights (we call it Science Bites) with your audience. Depending on which subscription plans you choose, you will shortly receive access to your own Forum and Live Events to interact with your audience. 

Make sure you choose a nice banner for your page and a fun introduction to give your supporters an idea of what they can expect from joining your page. Many creators produce a short video introduction and post about 3-5 short Science Bites for free to get started (keep changing free content every 2-3 weeks) and add another 15 – 20 only accessible to their paid supporters.

On average, creators share 4-5 new Science Bites per week with their audience, which takes 7-10 minutes to write or 1-2 longer content like blogs, videos, presentations, etc. 

We have written a comprehensive blog with tips on creating Science Bites, and provide you with lots of helpful resources from other creators on how to become successful science communicators and science content creators on Science Says. 

There is also a handy checklist before you publish your page.

In your Inbox, you will be able to see how many supporters you have and what level of support they provide. Your supporters can send you private messages, but you are not obliged to answer every message except “Lets’ talk science” $25 p/m level.

However, you might find that the interactions with your supporters could be beneficial in creating bonds, keep supporting you, or have more paid work for you, e.g. consulting projects. 

“Ask me questions” subscriptions of $10 p/m includes access to Forum. Each paid supporter of $10 pm and $25 pm will automatically get an invitation to join the Forum, where they can post questions and start discussions.

Do not forget to keep checking the Forum regularly and address your audience questions. Try to add some exciting topics to the conversation and encourage your audience engagement. You can use some of the topics as an idea for new Science Bites. 

Creators offering level 3 subscriptions of $25 pm “Let’s talk science” are due to host monthly Live Stream. It is up to creators which platform they will use to host the event (e.g. Zoom, GoogleMeet, etc.). We encourage you to announce Live Streams on your Forum at least 2-3 weeks in advance with a title and invitation to register using platforms like Eventbrite or

You do not need to use a different venue for registration and, at the minimum, just post a link to the event on your Forum but other platforms are beneficial with sending calendar invitations, reminders and feedback forms to the participants. Do not forget that Science Says is a global platform, and you will have supporters in different time zones – try to accommodate them.

If it is impossible to invite them all simultaneously, you might want to rotate every month at different time zones. You can also record the sessions (ask participants for permission) and share with everyone for level 3, “Let’s talk science,” afterwards. An idea would be to use short parts of it as your Science Bites. 

Manage your page like your own business

Your page is your own business. It is up to you how you will manage it, acquire supporters and keep them engaged so they will keep supporting you every month. 

The Science Says team will continue providing marketing support. We will also keep improving the platform functionalities, but it will be entirely up to you and your content if you succeed at the end of the day. 

Keep regularly posting new content (your supporters receive daily notifications each time you post new content), engage with your audience via Forum, Live Streams and Direct Messaging. 

Make a habit out of using Science Says. Many creators on Science Says are researchers, and doing background research is part of their daily routine. Instead of keeping those notes on your computer, turn into Science Bites and get paid! 

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