Scholarcy partners with Science Says to make millions of searchable food science facts available

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Scholarcy has recently partnered with Science Says to index millions of evidence-based facts from food science research papers, making the latest discoveries in this field more accessible to a broad community of readers. 

Scholarcy’s knowledge extraction technology identifies the important facts, claims and findings from research papers and presents these as easy-to-read, bite-sized synopses. It is relied on by readers worldwide, from students and researchers to journalists, other professionals and lay readers, to get accessible, evidence-based overviews of scientific discoveries and developments. 

Science Says food science facts provides reliable, wide-ranging food science information on topics ranging from which food products benefit from adding lemon extract, to whether the sous-vide cooking technique increases umami molecules in beef. All of the information in Science Says comes directly from peer-reviewed scientific research. And if you need to know more, you can connect directly with a food scientist from our community of experts”, said Beatrice Zatorska, CEO of Science Says.

Speaking about the partnership with Science Says, Phil Gooch, CEO and Founder of Scholarcy said:  “It’s not only those in an academic setting that need to access, read, and understand primary research literature. The rise of misinformation has made it harder to differentiate between material that’s evidence-based, and that which isn’t. This means easy access to peer-reviewed research has never been more important. By partnering with Science Says to make the key facts, claims and findings available as easy-to-digest snippets for an audience of professionals outside academia, we believe we can get reliable, peer-reviewed research into the hands of a growing readership.” 


About Scholarcy  (

Scholarcy is a UK based technology company applying machine learning to extract structured data and knowledge summaries from scholarly content. Researchers use Scholarcy to identify and verify the key findings and sources from research papers. Publishers and aggregators use the Scholarcy API to extract rich metadata from documents in any format as part of the publishing workflow.  And a range of other professionals use Scholarcy to generate plain language summaries from complex articles to disseminate evidence-based research more widely. 

About Science Says  (

Science Says is a science communication platform curating plain English facts from the latest research on food and nutrition from around the world, and building a community of verified experts. Industry professionals are able to access and apply knowledge from academic publishing like never before. And if they want to dig deeper then they can reach out to a verified expert to make sure they understand the science correctly.  With 80% of subscriptions paid directly to scientists on Science Says, this is a unique platform that not only makes it easier than ever before to access findings from academic research but also rewards scientists fairly for sharing them. 


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