The science of taste and flavour

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Fireside chat with Dr Bryan Quoc Le​,​ a PhD-level food scientist​,​ storyteller​,​ consultant​,​ and author of 150 Food Science Questions Answered. 

Dr Bryan Quoc Le​ has over 6 yrs of experience in Food Science, Fermented Foods, Flavor Chemistry, Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals. Bryan is also a Research Scholar for the Ronin Institute of Independent Scholarship, consultant​​ and author of the book “150 Food Science Questions Answered”.  

Driven by his personal journey walking 2​,​000 miles across the United States and eating bland meals of peanut butter​,​ canned tuna​,​ and oatmeal for months on end​,​ he is inspired every day to help food companies​,​ entrepreneurs​,​ and startups build a healthier​,​ cleaner​,​ tastier world.

We were talking to Bryan about his passion for the science of flavours, especially savoury flavours. “The world of food touches so many important domains in life​,​ whether it’s economic​,​ social​,​ religious​,​ artistic​,​ medical​,​ scientific​,​ or political. Food is intricately tied to the past​,​ present​,​ and future of human civilization as well as our survival on this planet. From the ancient origins of fire and cooking to our post-industrial age of cellular agriculture and synthetic biology​,​ food continues to evolve alongside us.” – reflects Bryan. 

Regardless​,​ in surveys about what drives people to eat​,​ taste consistently leads the way. Taste and flavour remain at the heart of our challenges with food. Bryan hope is that with more people understanding the scientific realities that drive taste and flavour​,​ we can all work together to design​,​ refine​,​ and enjoy new foods for a more sustainable future.  

Listen to the recording of the interview:

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