How to use Science Says: tips for supporters

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Are you fed up with miscommunication and manipulation of facts? So are we! Here are a few tips for you on how you can support scientists and their work to help create a better world to live in.

Join the movement 

It takes only 1 minute to sign up with Science Says. Discover creators who, as scientists, dedicated their lives to solving real-world problems with their research. Find a creator or creators you would like to support and send them a welcome message. 

By joining Science Says, you are making a choice to be part of a movement supporting science and helping to solve problems we are facing in healthcare, climate change, education and many other issues with science.

Your contribution will go directly to scientists to continue working on their research which they will share with you regularly. 

Be an active supporter 

Depending on the level of support, you will have access to Science Bites posted several times per week. You will receive an email notification each time the creator you are supporting will publish something new. 

Science Bites are facts and findings from scientific research written in plain English and fun formats. Scientists who are creators of Science Says try to avoid technical jargon and create posts easy to understand to non-experts. Their main goal is for their supporters to benefit from science on a day-to-day basis and at work. 

We highly encourage you to read Science Bites regularly. Every Science Bite (which could be a short post size of a tweet, blog, video, presentation and many other formats we are familiar with from other social media) references published peer-reviewed publications.

It means that all information published on Science Says is backed by hard-won evidence coming from the work of scientists who have done lengthy experiments, and their findings were reviewed by other experts in their field. 

To have a more comprehensive view of what other scientists are saying about topics you are interested in, we encourage you to sign up for our free weekly newsletter. Every Monday, you will receive a digest of the most talked topics and key recent discoveries. 

Supporters of “Ask me questions” and “Let’s talk science” levels of support will also become part of an exclusive network. You will find a link to their forum at the top of the creator page, which you should join right away.

It will give you access to the discussion forum directly with the creator, and you will be able to participate in conversations with other supporters sharing your interests. Be an active member of that unique group of people! Ask questions, be curious, comment on topics and keep learning from others. This is a powerful resource with supporters-only access. 

Once a month, supporters of “Let’s talk science” will join a Live Stream organised by the creator. You will have a link to the events on the top page of the creator you are supporting under “Live Stream”. Watch out for the announcements of the date and time on the Forum. A great opportunity to meet “in person”  scientists you are supporting and ask them questions live. We are sure they will appreciate it if you suggest topics for their events as a Forum topic. 

Finally, you can talk 1:1 with the creator and have the ability to message them directly if you are a ”Let’s talk science” supporter. To send them a message, you go to the top of their page. Click “Contact” and send them a message which will appear in your Science Says inbox under “Supporters”. 

Be smart and share what you learnt 

Share your learnings with others, help us to promote facts based on science and let together stop fake science news. Learning evidence-based facts can improve your family and friends’ lives, help society, and boost your work experience. 

Share your knowledge on other social media platforms what Science Says! Be proud of supporting science! 

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