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Ways to get more Science Says subscribers

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A big part of your success in acquiring subscribers is self-promotion. How to let people know they can support you financially in exchange for exclusive science insights without being too “salesy”? In this post, we’re sharing the best practices and strategies to get your Science Says followers from other platforms.

Step 1: Mention your Science Says everywhere!

You need to let people know that your Science Says page exists. How to do it?

  • Include the link to your page on your social media channels. You may want to use free platforms like AllmyLinks or Linktree to create a simple landing page that hosts multiple links.
  • Add your Science Says page to your email signature. Let people know that this is where they can find you, connect with you and read your valuable content. Hubspot is offering a fantastic tool to create your fancy email signature for free!
  • We often say that Science Says is like your own little business. Why not make it official? Add being a science communicator to your LinkedIn experience with a link to your Science Says page.
  • If you’re a YouTuber, don’t forget to mention your Science Says page in the description box of your videos. You can also encourage your viewers to support you on Science Says at the beginning or end of your video. Make sure to specify the benefits of joining your exclusive community! For example, If you’d like to learn more about [____], join my private forum on Science Says, where we discuss more findings in [____].
  • If you have a blog, download the Science Says logo here and link it directly to your page.

Step 2: Let people know when you post something new on Science Says.

Far too often, we see scientists working hard to create new content and then forgetting to inform people about it. Here at Science Says, we send notifications to everyone who’s following and subscribing to your page, so don’t worry about that! But if you want to get more supporters, make sure to let people know about your newest Science Says insights.

Here are some examples for you:

  • Just drafting up my next Science Bite. This one’s about pesticide residues in organic food, and it’s free for everyone! (by Karen Constable)
  • How to get the most flavour out of your veggies? The secret is out here [link].
  • Did you know that green banana flour is a great gluten-free alternative? It allows you to create a soft crumb structure with desirable air bubbles! Follow me on Science Says to learn more about plant-based product development and innovation [link].
  • Are you looking to sell the freshest butter in town? I’m sharing how to do it in my newest science insight on Science Says [link].
  • Are you watching your calories and miss that creamy, delicious iced coffee? Well, I might have found a low-fat solution for you. Check it out [link].

Step 3: Keep highlighting the benefits of joining your Science Says community.

Let’s be honest. There are not many places where you can speak to a scientist directly. Let people know about this unique opportunity to join your private forum and get privileged access to scientific findings. Make it clear what they’re missing out on by not subscribing to your Science Says page!

Here are some examples:

  • In a world full of misinformation, it’s crucial to have access to a science communicator who can help you understand the latest scientific research. Join my exclusive forum to chat about [____].
  • This week we’re talking about [____]. Join my exclusive forum to connect with like-minded people and learn more about [____].
  • I’m currently working on new research about [____]. If you want to find out more, join my private forum today at [____]. Available only to my Science Says subscribers.
  • I’m organising a live stream for my Science Says supporters tonight. We’ll be talking about [____]. Here’s the link to join: [link].
  • I’m organising a live stream tonight. If you’re my Science Says supporters, you can ask me your questions on my private forum now [link]. See you later!
  • Do you want to be the first to know about new scientific discoveries? Follow me on Science Says to get exclusive access to all the findings before the results are published in mainstream journals!
  • One research paper costs over $100. Join me on Science Says to get privileged access to scientific findings before they are published in mainstream journals for $10!
  • You could purchase an overpriced organic avocado or you can learn the truth about organic foods by subscribing to my Science Says page!
  • You could insult your liver and kidneys by spending twice as much on a bottle of detox supplements OR you can combat pseudoscience by helping me fight fake news with science insights! [inspiration: Food Science Babe].

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