Why “Science Says”?

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The biggest problems the world is facing in healthcare, education, climate change and many other issues are not going to be solved without the help of science. 

My co-founder Kris Jack and I feel very strongly about the need to bridge the gap between academia and the rest of the world. When the pandemic started affecting us at the start of 2020 we created the global networking platform “Smart Tribe” for academics to speak directly with industry leaders.

The past 16 months experience of building the Smart Tribe community of almost 20,000 people from all over the world supporting our mission made us certain how important and needed it is to create a place where academia, industry, and the general public can meet, speak the same language, and collaborate to each other’s benefits. 

As a result of our work with thousands of incredible people on Smart Tribe, we proudly introduce you to our new platform Science Says – a place where scientists communicate facts with industry and the general public, and they are getting paid by their supporters. 

We have listened to our community and the critical challenges they are facing: 

  • Academics speak the esoteric language of research papers, and non-experts cannot understand them
  • Science is not only hard to understand but also expensive (the price of one download for one research paper reaching over $100 with researchers receiving $0 for it) 
  • The old-style publishing model needs to be changed: academics want to get paid for their work. 
  • Around 25% of academics use their holidays and savings to keep working on their research papers because there are not enough grants to finance science. 
  • There is an increasing demand for applied research and narrowing the gap of less than 2% of new technologies coming from scientific research.
  • Academics want to impact the changing world around them and actively participate in discussions and actions to address current issues. 
  • Industry and the general public are hungry for input coming from science. People are fed up with fake news and want reliable, evidence-based information. 
  • An overwhelming 80% of our non-academic members are in favour of supporting science. This is not a surprise given that 47% of all Twitter users follow scientists.  People want to adopt fact-based information coming from scientific research in their lives and at work. They also want to provide financial support to scientists, starting from small monthly subscriptions to giving personal grants for research. 

Addressing all those issues with one solution was challenging but not impossible because we found a way with Science Says to address all of those problems. 

Science Says is what our community wants, and this is why we will focus on it 100% going forward. Smart Tribe networking platform will stay open until the end of September, so please note all the connections and friendships you made. You can continue networking on  Science Says either as a creator or supporter taking part in conversations on dedicated Forums with like-minded people. In order to remain a member of the community today sign-up for our free weekly newsletter: “Facts, no fear. No Fake news”. 

Join us on Science Says either as a creator to explain how your research influences people, companies, society and get paid or join us to support researchers and make an impact while discovering the latest facts from science. We are starting with food science and gradually adding health before expanding to all subjects, including humanities.

Our key focus areas, in addition to Food and Health, will be topics that need the most help from science to solve real-world problems. That includes Sustainability, Environment, Technology Advancement, Education, Diversity, Public Policies and Social Equity. 

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the past 16 months of your support and passion which led us to this incredible moment. In particular, I want to thank my two most exceptional teammates: Kris Jack and Sonia Borawska. Their dedication, talent and perseverance in solving the problem of bridging the gap between academia and the rest of the world are the main drivers for the success of Smart Tribe blooming into Science Says. 

Join our mission to unleash science to create a better world to live in. Hope to see you soon on Science Says!

By Beatrice Zatorska, Co-founder and CEO of Science Says

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